Barry Nuttall: The Siege Of Hull

Sgt. Bilko meets I, Daniel Blake

Based on an extraordinary true story 

In 1983, one man took a stand against the establishment in what has to be one of the most unusual and eccentric ways. Self-styled Major General Barry Nuttall, along with his local re-enactment group, made national headlines when Hull City Council attempted to demolish his terraced house - Barry and his band of brothers laid siege for 3 years, refusing to back down to ‘The Man’, only being defeated when the council starved them out. The estate was demolished, the council won the battle but Barry won the war of public opinion.

Hull born Major Barry Nuttall died in 2011, with his urban legend still entwined within the city’s whispers. 

The Siege of Hull has all the elements of good vs evil - friendship, love, heroism and failure are present in this remarkable tale about the little man taking on the government machine.

Talent TBC.



In Development (Pitch Document Available)